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InVigor T4510 Price

InVigor® T 4510 went straight to the top of its class in 2016, out-yielding the established leading TT hybrids by an average of over 10% across all NVT trials where they were grown side-by-side.

Those NVT results, which were consistent with other comparative trials and growers’ experience, confirmed that InVigor T 4510 is now the hybrid TT variety of choice.

Such a big leap forward also makes a dramatic change in the way investing in a hybrid stacks up against sowing retained OP seed. Analysis of trial results over its first two years shows how well investing in InVigor T 4510 can pay off:

Net InVigor T 4510 returns vs ATR Bonito
2015 data from all Bayer internal TT breeding trial sites.
2016 data from all 26 NVT sites where all 3 varieties were grown. Bonito = $7/kg + $5/t EPR; InVigor T 4510 = $26.5/kg.
Seeding rates: Bonito = 3 kg/ha; InVigor T 4510 = 2.5 kg/ha. Seeding, fertiliser, chemical and harvest costs were considered equal and therefore excluded.