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InVigor 5520P Price

InVigor® R 5520P delivers both major innovation and exceptional performance.

This pioneering RR hybrid performed very strongly in the paddock in most areas in 2016, while it was the top of its class in Victorian NVT results in both 2015 and 2016. Even in areas where its NVT results have been less outstanding, the PodGuard® trait gives InVigor R 5520P a major edge over other varieties. As well as delivering extra management options and pod security at harvest, PodGuard provides a ‘paddock advantage’ – a yield boost in the paddock compared to the results of small-plot trials.

In 2016, that extra yield kick in the paddock averaged 13%.

Find out more about how InVigor R 5520P might fit into your program by downloading the fact sheet or clicking through to trial results from your area.