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InVigor ® R3520 should quickly establish itself as a favourite variety in short-season growing areas, but supplies are limited for this first year, so reserve your supply quickly to avoid missing out.

InVigor R3520 will set a new benchmark for converting low rainfall into strong yields. In trials over the last two years, InVigor R3520 proved clearly superior to Hyola® 404 under both good and tough conditions. It also matched 43Y23 when average yields were higher, and delivered a 7% advantage when yields averaged under 2 tonnes per hectare.

With that ability to perform well under difficult conditions, and even better when the season permits, InVigor R3520 is a very reliable and rewarding option for all shorter-season growing areas.

Find out more about how InVigor R3520 might fit into your program by downloading the fact sheet or clicking through to trial results from your area.