Golden Age Canola


InVigor Canola

InVigor® is the world’s leading hybrid canola brand. The name signifies innovation and performance, and it has been launched in Australia with varieties that show a marked increase in yield over previous canola varieties bred with the same attributes.
This year’s new variety, InVigor R 3520 is a standout performer in tough conditions. Trials show that it will match other leading short-season hybrids in better seasons, and clearly outperform them when average yields fall below two tonnes per hectare.
InVigor R 5520P is the second local hybrid with our unique PodGuard® trait, combining the same added shatter-reducing security as IH51RR with enhanced performance across a longer growing season. Choosing InVigor R 5520P will deliver both optimal yields and flexibility at harvest.
InVigor T 4510 is an early mid-maturity Triazine Tolerant hybrid that throws off the ‘yield shackles’ traditionally associated with TT technology and is setting new benchmarks for profitability.
Together, the three varieties show that InVigor hybrid canola offers growers a distinct advantage over less innovative varieties.