Golden Age Canola


IH51RR Price

IH51RR has always been a strong performer in small-plot trials, but most growers who have sown it have found that its performance goes well beyond what NVT results might suggest. Paddock experience has shown that replicated trial results have tended to undersell its yield potential under normal growing conditions.

Even better, growers are learning to get the full benefit of the PodGuard® shatter-tolerance trait by letting IH51RR paddocks go on maturing and gaining extra yield. IH51RR gives you the freedom to leave it standing while you harvest barley, other ripe crops or more vulnerable canola varieties first. Exercising that flexibility can have the added advantage of increasing pod-fill and the value of the canola crop – a classic win/win situation.

Find out more about how IH51RR might fit into your program by downloading the fact sheet, watching the video or clicking through to trial results from your area.