Golden Age Canola

Seed certificates

Our downloadable certificates assure you that the seed you buy from us meets certain criteria for purity, germination rates and hybridity.

At Bayer, seed quality is important to us, that is why we have gone to great lengths to ensure each production field is inspected and passes strict internal standards. All Bayer hybrid seed is independently tested and assessed by an ISTA accredited seed laboratory for germination and purity. As a grower or advisor, you can then be confident that each bag contains seed of the hightest quality. Simply enter the requried information to download your seed certificate.











Choose the varieties you have purchased on the menu below and enter the seed lot information to download your certificate. The seed lot number can be found on your bag on the yellow sticker or it is also stenciled. Only enter the 9 digit number and letter combination beginning with V for example V352061JG. Some seed certificates also list seed size information, in the case that the certificate you have downloaded does not have this information then you can find it clearly printed on each bag of Bayer hybrid seed.