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The PodGuard Paddock Advantage

The PodGuard Paddock Advantage By making canola far less susceptible to shattering, Bayer's PodGuard® pod shatter reduction technology gives a whole new level of harvest flexibility and allows for canola varieties with the trait to reach their full yield potential.
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Grower Interview Adam Klemke

Grower Interview Adam Klemke
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Grower Interview Damien Schneider

Grower Interview Damien Schneider
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Best Management Practice for Reducing Blackleg Canker - Part 2

This is Part 2 of a two-part series on blackleg, dealing with the factors to consider during the post-seeding period.
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Best Management Practice for Reducing Blackleg Canker - Part 1

There are many factors which can affect the severity of yield loss due to blackleg infection. The following steps have been adapted from the GRDC blackleg management guide and Steve Marcroft’s talk
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