Golden Age Canola

InVigor T 4510
InVigor R 5520P
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Better options right
through to harvest

With impressive new varieties backed up with smart new online tools and services, we are giving growers in all areas plenty of ways to enhance the flexibility and performance of your canola program in 2017.

Our first two InVigor® varieties will raise the bar for TT and RR hybrids and we now offer exceptionally productive varieties and innovative traits to suit every growing area.

Last year Replace MySeed™ became Australia’s only establishment guarantee offering 100% replacement of hybrid canola seed (subject to the relevant terms and conditions). This year the MySeed program is being extended across the country, with a new set of tools to help you secure the seed you need as well as a strong start.

Add in our new Pay@Harvest extended payment terms and there are more reasons than ever to include Bayer hybrid canola in your program for next season.




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