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Last year’s very successful launch of the first two InVigor® canola varieties culminated in an outstanding result in the NVTs for InVigor T 4510, which was confirmed as the country’s leading early-mid TT hybrid.

This year’s launch of InVigor R 3520 means there are now three InVigor canola varieties to choose from; two Bayer varieties that offer the unique harvest management and yield benefits of the PodGuard® pod shatter resistance trait; and the leading short-season dual-tolerance variety Bayer 3000TR.

Bayer Canola 2017 Product Range

All Bayer canola varieties are supported by the full suite of MySeed™ tools and services that streamline the whole process of growing hybrid canola from seed selection – and reserving your supply – to harvest.

As you plan for next season, we hope you’ll recognise the extra flexibility and value choosing any Bayer hybrid variety can add to your canola program.



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